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Etsy is my Pocketbook’s Enemy. March 2, 2011

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I made almost everyone’s Christmas gifts this year. I got totally burned out. I thought it would be fun but instead it was a chore and left me tired and sick of sewing. So instead of creating handmade things, I’ve been buying them. Here is a sample of what I’ve bought recently (if I posted everything you’d be scrolling for days).

Mustachio’ed robot t-shirt by Il Corvo.

Lilac rose on an antique locket from Hot Pink Chick.

Yellow rose earrings from Hot Pink Chick.

Sloth print by Berkley Illustration.

Cream rose earrings by Barberry and Lace.

Peach flower ring by Barberry and Lace.

Eucalyptus and tea tree oil soap from Belle Terre.

Day of the Dead print by Kiri Moth Designs.

Whew!! I am working on some creative projects. I will write about those soon.