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the birth of a horrible. July 15, 2011

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That creating thing I talked about? I’m doing it. A little. I’m toying around with new Horrible ideas so I decided to make a mock-up of a new design. That basically means that I make a small version of something while planning out what it’s going to be like when it’s much bigger. So, just for you, is a rundown on how it’s done…

The first thing to do is pull out your broken-down laptop that your dog ruined and turn on some music or podcasts of Ira Glass telling stories.

Then pull out the sketchbook of various ideas and figure out what you’re going to do…

I ended up using an idea I’ve been floating around for a while. I’m still not sure how I want it to turn out in the end.

Next, you need to figure out how to get your fat cat off of all of the materials you need at that moment.

Then spend some time playing around with the fabric because it is super soft and wonderful. Pretend you are a bear.

This picture doesn’t really serve any purpose but Linus was making biscuits on the fabric and I didn’t realize until after I took the picture that my dog is in the background looking like something out of my worst nightmares.

After randomly cutting your expensive fabric and putting in eyes and sewing on a mouth, pin it together and take it over to your embarrassingly messy sewing space.

The only calm part of this process is sewing it shut. There is something very relaxing about hand sewing. I love it.

Finish it up!! And make sure it doesn’t eat you…


3 Responses to “the birth of a horrible.”

  1. Alee Says:

    I looove the last picture! All of them, really, but these photos told a story. :)

  2. issy Says:

    Im already glad that youre my partner for the swapbot blog swap. (omgz, btw) This post was great! The laptop screen made me cringe a little, not gunna lie. Ive had that happen before. My ferret pushed mine off the coffee table and the screen had a lovely pattern in it from there on out. >_<

  3. Lola Says:

    Looks Domo-esque. I love it! -Hollychihuahua from Swap-Bot

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