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i made some things. May 28, 2011

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I had a sudden burst of energy this afternoon and decided to use it up by sewing. And knowing that once I put something down and walk away from it, I will usually not go back to it for a very, very long time made me start and finish this in one go.

I started with this, a large men’s shirt I got from the thrift store:

I took it in at the sides and ruffled the leftover fabric. Making ruffles is so much fun. I don’t want to spend the money on a ruffler so I just switch some settings on my machine. When the fabric goes in it gets sucked together into ruffles!!

This is the finished product. I was originally going to shorten it but I decided to leave it as is and put a belt around it (another awesome thrift store find!) so it’s tunic-length.

A close-up of the collar area.

I cut off the cuffs and attached them to the shortened sleeves.

I plan on wearing it tomorrow when I visit the observation deck of the Terminal Tower. I’ll take action pictures then!

On the topic of newly-made things, I finished this a few days ago. I needed a place to put my jewelry since it was all mingling and getting tangled in a box. It’s all out in the open so I can see all of my options at once. And it matches my bedroom scheme, which is yellow and white with some black.

No more tangled necklaces!!

Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces in one place, finally.

And bonus picture of a happy dog!!


One Response to “i made some things.”

  1. Rachelskirts Says:

    Whaaaat? That shirt project is awesome! I wish I had the skills/motivation to do something like that. You’re my new hero for the week.

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