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ice cream. April 21, 2011

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It’s getting warmer in Cleveland. I sort of hate the winter. It’s long and cold and seemingly never ending. But at least it’s pretty at times:

But warm(er) temperatures have been sneaking in so a couple of weeks ago Andy and I got out of the house.

We started out at the Higbee Building on Public Square for the Pecha Kucha event. Higbee’s (known for being the set for the Santa scene from the movie “A Christmas Story”) is generally off-limits to the public since it closed in 2002 but every once in a while people are let in. We went up to the 10th floor where I was drawn to the windows to see the view of Public Square from above.

Key Bank tower, across the way.

An awkward photo of the Terminal Tower. We were technically in it, but off to the side.

Public Square.

Andy in the old, fancy elevator that was also quite terrifying.

The next day we started out with Chinese food…
A mysterious fortune:

…and ended up at a few thrift stores and eventually headed to the Gordon Square Arts District for some delicious goodness.

One of my favorite reasons for heading to Gordon Square.

We wanted to check out Sweet Moses, the new Soda Fountain that opened last month. It’s named after Moses Cleaveland, the founder of our great town.

I smiled immediately after we walked in. It’s so cute inside!!


Andy ordered a peanut butter and fudge sandwich with potato chips on it and a root beer float. THEY MAKE THEIR OWN ROOT BEER. I am kind of a root beer junkie and I was absolutely in love.

This was my treat. It was enormous and I have to admit that I felt intimidated by its size. I was unsure why exactly pretzels were served with my ice cream but it soon became clear. After the sweetness of the ice cream, the salty crunch of the pretzels was pretty much the most perfect thing ever. I even ended up stealing Andy’s and dipping them in the ice cream. Watching them make it was pretty interesting, too. It was a very involved process.

Sweet Moses was wonderful. It smelled amazing and was very aesthetically pleasing. Everyone was super friendly and it’s so laid back and cozy and welcoming. Not to mention tasty!! I want to go back again and again and again.

After all of that ice cream settled in our bellies we headed down the street to one of my other favorite places, Gypsy Beans coffee. It’s well known that Gypsy serves amazing coffee, but the food there is excellent as well. We stayed for a bit, reading the newspaper and talking. What a wonderful way to unwind and wait for evening to set in.

I’m really looking forward to more beautiful weather. The outdoors is calling!!


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  1. Amanda Says:

    Sounds delicious! Mmm

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