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post-Giveaway day. May 24, 2010

Filed under: giveaways — mandy @ 11:32 pm

May Giveaway Day was a hit! I was surprised by the amount of feedback I received–I thought I’d get 5 comments, 10 tops. I asked everyone to share a not-so-great sewing moment. I got a lot of entries about things I can relate to–trouble with interfacing, sewing things together with the wrong sides facing together, having to rip out zillions of stitches, making patterns too small, ruining expensive fabrics, and problems with those dreaded zippers. The worst by far were the stories of people accidentally running their fingers through machines and under needles–something I’ve (fortunately) never had to experience. But it’s only a matter of time, right?

I definitely want to participate in giveaway day next year. I signed up for a few giveaways myself! I also found a lot of new blogs to read. I might do more giveaways in the meantime, if anyone is interested.

So thanks to everyone who commented on my blog post and offered giveaways of their own to help make giveaway day such a success!


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