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giveaway! May 17, 2010

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I am happy to be participating in May Giveaway Day this year! I have a bit of an addiction to sewing and craft blogs and Sew Mama Sew has been a favorite of mine for a long time.

So on to the giveaway! In case you don’t know, I have a fairly new etsy shop called Huggable Horribles. The first Horrible I made was a large robot. I wanted to make something simple that represented Huggable Horribles so I made a smaller version of Hugbot on this cute little zippered bag.

I love the polka dots and soft cotton fabric and it’s lined with a silky teal interior.

If you’d like to be a part of this giveaway, comment below with your answer to this question: I’ve had a lot of disappointing/frustrating moments while sewing–what has been your worst sewing experience? Sometimes seeing others’ cringe-worthy moments helps because you realize you’re not the only one making those huge mistakes! :)

I’ll be picking a winner the morning of May 21st so leave a comment by the 20th to be considered for this drawing. I will contact you by email to let you know you’ve won. I will ship internationally and the item will ship on Monday, May 24.

I look forward to hearing your stories!


194 Responses to “giveaway!”

  1. Aberdonian Says:

    That’s one cute little pouch. My most horrible sewing experience was when I was making a dress and realising that I had printed the pattern too big. Quite luckily, I realised it before making the actual dress. But it’s one of my biggest fear, that something I make won’t be the correct size.

  2. makeitgiveit Says:

    Oh – hi. Love the horrible huggable – he is cute! Sewing nightmares…hmmm probably those times when I put a right side and a wrong side together merrily sew it up and then realise I have to unpick the whole thing in bad light on fray-y fabric!!!!!

  3. Toni Coward Says:

    so cute!
    unpicking anything makes me sad!!!

  4. my cringe-worth moments usually come when i don’t take the time to follow the pattern and just want to see a completed project! ughhhhh :(
    anyways, great giveaway!

  5. Nicole Says:

    I think the most frustrating sewing moment was during my first time piecing some quilt blocks with pinwheels, just trying to get all the points to match up – so aggravating. Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  6. I recently made my mother a skirt for mothers day, but couldn’t give it to her in the end, as the zipper that I sewed on – making sure that I sewed it in many places, and back stitched to make sure it wouldn’t come off, well, it was sewn on backwards! so I spent an hour unpicking the MANY stitches, and now, a week after Mothers Day, the skirt is finally ready… and i really don’t want to see another zip again!

  7. Lisa Says:

    This is so cute! I haven’t been sewing for too long, but my most frustrating problem is that I am not the best at measuring and have more than once cut fabric to the wrong size….need to work on that!

  8. Heidi C Says:

    I love the bag!

    All of my friends have me patch their jeans & sometimes the holes are in the tightest, most unmoveable spots. I get super frustrated when I try to rush it & end up bunching up the fabric in the inside, which means I have to unpick all the stitches & resew in the annoying tight spots. I have come to hate fixing holes in jeans!

    My email is heidi[dot]cipriano[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  9. gnomeangel Says:

    Making my first plastic covered tote and I’ve managed to stick the plastic together in the weirdest possible ways. Note to self: it’s IMPOSSIBLE to turn handles inside out when plastic is touching plastic!!! Took my two lots of handles to work that little gem out! Doh!

  10. Rachel Says:

    I have many memories (none of them especially fond) of ripping out stitch upon stitch after realizing I’ve sewn a piece in the wrong place, in the wrong direction, in the wrong order, etc. etc. etc… I always think I’ve had enough sewing experience to have a project be mistake-free, but I can’t seem to finish anything without ripping out a seam or two. :)

  11. Melissa Says:

    This isn’t a sewing anecdote, but a crocheting one — when I first tried to crochet a scarf, it somehow turned into more of a cone shape. It was such a bummer to have to undo my work and try again! omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. La Yen Says:

    Any time I gather anything or try to use interfacing. I don’t know why I am so challenged, but there it is. My sewing nemesis…

  13. LOVE the bag!

    Some of my worst sewing moments….#1 forgeting to lift the pressure foot up and still having my foot in the pedal, something happened while sewing & as I was trying to fix it, I sewed through my finger…OUCH! I also hate it when I sew the wrong sides together….or when I cut something an inch off because I wasn’t paying attention, and now I don’t have enough of the material for the pattern, which always happens to be my favorite print that I’m working with at the time!

  14. So cute!
    My cringe worthy sewing moments usually happen because I didn’t read far enough ahead in the pattern and end up doing things I am not supposed to. I also hate when I am sewing along and it’s a while before I realise that the bobbin is empty and I didn’t actually sew anything – this happens to me alot!

  15. jenny Says:

    i get most frustrated when sewing for someone else…when i sew for myself i’m more forgiving!
    I think I’m going to win!

  16. Kelli Says:

    My worst sewing experience involved very expensive fabric, TONS of mistakes (including putting a massive hole in the finished product), and a final skirt that DIDN”T FIT!


  17. shawnna Says:

    Definitly sewing the wrong sides together!! GRRRR
    shawnnahouseholder at gmail

  18. Shana Putnam Says:

    Well, I am new to sewing so not too many horrible moments yet. The hardest time was the first time I took out my machine to learn to use it. It took me 4 hours to figure out how to get the bobbin threaded and pulled up by the needle. Sad I know. But I can do it now!
    I have to say my son loves robots and so do I. I would love to win this cute little bag.

  19. Raelena Says:

    My worst experience was 8th grade home ec class we had to make an apron. I was terrible at pinning…and there was a lot of it. In the end it was crooked and ugly. I had to start over with a friend’s help so my grade wouldn’t suffer.
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  20. lisa Says:

    One time my mom and I sewed up a whole dress together, only to realize afterwards that the size was way off, and totally unsalvageable.

  21. I recently made my daughter a mermaid dress from a pink/gold lurex fabric. As with most things I make I winged it, draped the fabric around my daughter and made a tube dress with a slit in the front and was going to make the train in the back into the tail itself. As I was making the padded tail part and I had almost stitched the whole thing I go to turn it to have a look and realize that it ain’t going to work, the dress turned in on itself and I had to unpick the padded part being very careful not to damage the delicate fabric. I was so angry with myself!

  22. Annie Says:

    I only have one memory. I received a sewing machine for free from a friend. Another friend offered to give me and my friend sewing lessons. During the lesson my machine clogged. 2 hours of trying to unclog it and 4 people later it was fixed. The very next line I tried to sew it clogged. The machine was taken apart and my friend tried to sew once it was fixed. Then, the needle broke. That was it. I am saving for a new machine.

  23. pam Says:

    My worst moment was my very first 4-H sewing project and of course I left it until the last minute…nothing worked out. My mom finished it for me.

    Thanks for the chance!

  24. Limor Says:

    I’ve had so many cringe-worthy moments. On more than one occasion I’ve realized half way through a seam that I was sewing the wrong 2 pieces together. I hate that.

    ninjaeema (at) aol (dot) com

  25. janmade Says:

    Worst sewing experience has to be when I sewed through my index finger on the sewing machine. Horrorshow!

  26. Danielle Says:

    I love this little guy…so cute! My worst sewing moment…I was sewing on a zipper using the zipper foot and I sewed through my thumb and my thumb nail. That hurt and I got blood on the fabric :(

  27. bess Says:

    what a cute robot! my worst sewing moments are definitely when i’m trying to “eyeball” measurements instead of actually measuring anything and the whole project turns out unuseable. it doesn’t happen too often, but is awful when it does. :)

  28. Allison Forsyth Says:

    I love this…my worst sewing experience would be at the end of a quilt…attaching borders…and realizing you put the wrong sides together…had to pick out whole side of border and reattach…

  29. Shelly Says:

    I was just sewing some bias tape on (oh how I hate bias tape) a neckline and kept getting it folded somehow, so I’d have to unpick and resew. Then, I was pleating on the side I couldn’t see. I resewed that thing FAR too many times. Grr.

    I love robots and love your pouch. Hooray for Giveaway Day!

  30. Shannon Says:

    One time I tried to make a pair of pants for my sister. I sewed the legs together wrong 4 different ways before I gave up completely. They weren’t even hard pants, so I don’t know why I had so much trouble.

  31. jenn Says:

    Love the robot! so cute!
    I hate when you buy fabric you love so much you are afraid to cut into it…and also, unpicking machine quilting. real bad!

  32. Tara Says:

    Worst sewing moment was getting my hand in the way and sewing through my fingernail! not pleasant! Lesson learned–now I use a skewer if I need to hold a bit of fabric down! Thanks fot the chance to win!

  33. StephanieS Says:

    I haven’t crafted a lot so I don’t have much experience to reflect on but I know I have messed up cutting fabric. I’m terrible at getting the grain the correct way. I also don’t hold the ruler down well enough and it slides giving me not straight fabric. Not very exciting I know. Thanks for the chance to win.

  34. Megan Berry Says:

    My worst sewing experience was when I sewed the pocket shut on an apron I was making. Yeah, it was a last minute, in a hurry kind of thing so I didn’t notice until my sister in law was trying it on and pointed it out. Happy birthday, here’s an apron with a fake pocket! It would have been so easy to fix if I’d just noticed it before she unwrapped it!

  35. Amanda Says:

    Robots make me smile! How cute!

    I am definitely a beginner when it comes to sewing and I have to say the worst is finishing a project and realizing I sewed something backwards or inside out! oops!

  36. Danielle Says:

    That is too cute. My worst sewing experience was when I had to do 288 half square triangles for a mystery quilt at a retreat. I hate triangles. heehee But the quilt did turn out wonderful.

  37. Kelly M Says:

    I already know a good use for that! For putting 2-3 small trains in so my son can carry them when we go places. I am always scared he is going to loose them! Thats the prefect size little bag!

  38. Erin Says:

    This is adorable! My most frustating sewing experiences usually involves fabric that easily frays. I cut out the pattern and everything is going great then it starts disappearing. Typically I will sew something together incorrectly, then I have to remove my previous stitches causing more fraying. Overall it is just a mess! …But I still think it is fun and end up trying again later

  39. Annice Says:

    oooh I love that pouch!
    My worst sewing experience was in undergrad when I minored in costume design. For my sewing class we were working on a complicated bodice design. I realized I had messed up a whole section and had to re-do it at the last minute, I stayed up all night getting it done. At 5am I was finished. My class was at 8am. I went to the dorm to crash and slept through my alarm, not waking up until 8:30. I rushed over to the class crying the whole way because darnit it was finished on time! Thankfully my professor just lectured me, but accepted the finished product anyway!

  40. JenB Says:

    That is adorable. I am a beginner, and one of my horrible realities is not being able to thread the bobbin in my machine. So I never use it! I have used my friend’s mother’s machine though. It’s amazing. I’m sure the bobbin wouldn’t get stuck in hers. :-p

  41. Cortney Says:

    Oh my! That is the cutest little pouch! hmmm my worst sewing experience would have to be the first time I tried to sew with jersey. I tried to make a little shirt for my oldest dd….it wasn’t pretty!

  42. Keilah Says:

    Super cute! My mistake is silly and I usually do this when I am sewing late at night and I am rushed. I will sew the the wrong side and the right side together. It usually happens with pants and sleeves, durr! Great giveaway!

  43. Amy Says:

    I made a dress for my littlest one…got ready to sew up the final seams to realize the armhole was like an inch big…my daughter is 23 months old…she has a little bit larger arm than that…needless-to-say I had to rip that part out and cut a bigger hole…oh the joys!

  44. Vickie Says:

    i used to use my sewing machine so infrequently that i would FREAK OUT thinking i had lost all of my presser feet because they weren’t in my sewing box, be on the verge of crying, and finally realize that my machine has a little drawer that stores them. hopefully i can keep using it often enough now to not have this problem anymore!


  45. Teresa Says:

    That’s adorable!

  46. rebecca Says:

    serging straight through an embroidered sun dress front when seing the back and front together. Man was i pissed!

  47. anke Says:

    forget the sewing allowance. I do that every second time…

  48. pamela Says:

    oh i hope to win this one – i could see my little boy smiling every time i use that pouch!

    one of my worst sewing moments was when i dreampt up an idea for a shirt, bought super cute EXPENSIVE fabric, and thought by draping it across my body i could accurately measure what i needed. i cut everything too small, it was a mess, and i couldn’t use it for my shirt. :( either that, or the time two owl coasters took me 5 hours to sew. needless to say, i am a beginner.

    thanks for giving!

  49. karen Says:

    What an adorable little pouch! Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Katie B Says:

    Super cute! We love robots at our house. I had a heck of a time basting a quilt yesterday. No amount of tugging, quilting, or pinning would get out all of the wrinkles. I eventually took it all out and started over, and it’s still not straight!

  51. SarahB Says:

    This is so very cute. My most awful sewing experience was when I was making pants in home economics and when I went to put them on, the crotch area ripped out by me not measuring properly.

  52. felicia Says:

    your horribles are adorable! my worst so far was the sheets i made for my son, first they were too big, so i made adjustments, then they fit perfectly…until i washed them, they shrank and now are too small, and now i can no longer find that fabric! i’ve had many mishaps, usually because i didn’t measure properly (that happens a lot), but i can somehow fix them, those sheets drove me crazy!

  53. Lisa S. Says:

    it was horrible when I destroyed some very ecpensive fabric :(..

  54. heather Says:

    I tried to make a dress and i cant tell you how many times i had the seamripper out! However I did forge on, and it came out great! I learned it’s okay to rip out seams, that it’s a part of the process and not a failure

  55. Carol Says:

    Cute bag! I haven’t been sewing long, but I was very frustrated lately when I kept jamming up my machine!

  56. amanda Says:

    i just started sewing too. so i have been getting frustrated with my thread keep on breaking.

  57. Lori B. Says:

    This is so adorable!! And for my worst sewing experience? ALL OF THEM! When it comes to needle and thread and I’m hopeless!


  58. gisella Says:

    zippers. no matter how many times I’ve sewed on zippers, I inevitably end up having to take out the stitches for whatever reason. They’ve become my mortal enemy. sigh.


    gisellasakian at aol dot com

  59. JJ Says:

    I attempted to refashion a large sweatshirt I had so that it would fit me better. When I tried it on I couldn’t get it back off! Needless to say it became a sweatshirt for my son…

  60. Rosie N. Says:

    This pouch and it’s robot are adorable! I am fairly new to sewing, so pretty much every time I sew I have one issue or another. Likelly my worst so far was the first blanket I made for my son. I got it all finished, then realized some of my seams hadn’t been rolled over all the way and there were little gaps around the blanket. I didn not enjoy correcting that. :)

  61. Carla Says:

    My son would go nuts over that robot. He looovvveees robots!

    My worst sewing experience. I recently made a quilt for my best friend’s baby. I sewed it a different way from what I am familiar with. It ended up being over 2 inches longer on one side then the other. I was of course doing this the night before I had to give it to her, so her baby has one crooked quilt! Ooops!

    carlamo (at) ymail (dot) com

  62. Samina Says:

    Very cute baglet! I’m getting back into sewing after a very long hiatus, so I’ve had no serious casualties yet, but I’ve learned the hard way in knitting that swatches lie & to keep checking gauge throughout my project.

  63. daniela Says:

    my boy is so much into monsters, great

  64. Janna Says:

    Yes most def sewing something wrong side out and not realizing until you are done. Aaargh! CUTE pouch:)

  65. alli jagoda Says:

    My son just had a robot birthday party! I didn’t sew him anything… the last time I sewed something I had also sewed it to the pants I was wearing as I had used my knee to rest my project. ugg

  66. Megan S Says:

    Ummm, let’s see, there are many sadly! But that’s the fun in learning to sew! My worst was when I had realized that I had sewn my daughter’s pants legs together! Ugh, the seam ripper was a good friend of mine in the beginning! Love this little bag! it is super cute and you’re talented!

  67. Katie Says:

    My worst sewing moment is easy – I put a sewing machine needle through my thumb. It took SO long to heal, and was incredibly painful.

    On a positive note – I love the little bag. So boyish!

  68. Lindsay Says:

    Heehee, I like the question. I havent been sewing long but I think my worst day had to be when I broke three needles in my sewing machine…within five minutes because I was too impatient to figure out the problem.


  69. Cinnamon Says:

    I’ve had so many cringe worthy moments, I don’t think I can remember a specific one. However, I do know they all involved a seam ripper and a lot of time wasted. Ah well, live and learn. Your little bag is so cute. I hope I win.

  70. Noreen Says:

    My worst sewing experience would be the time I ran my index finger under the needle! That was EXTREMELY painful for a long time.

  71. Penelope Says:

    So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Marci Says:

    I hate going through the whole sewing process and having the clothing not fit.

  73. LauraB Says:

    Worst sewing moment: When SIL tried on the dress I was making for her. At her insistence it was merged from two different patterns, XXL size, out of black with white polka dot fabric and interlined… The result was a well-fitting, well-sewn but voluminous polka dot house. :(

  74. Bonnie Says:

    Last Thursday I was going for coffee at a friend’s house with another friend. I took my hubby’s jeans, material with which to mend the jeans, a needle, scissors, and pins with me. I felt good about being so resourceful and multitasking. Unfortunately, I forgot thread!!!! Luckily, the second friend ran home across the field in order to get me some thread, and the mending project was saved! :)

  75. Sarah Says:

    I think the worst sewing thing I ever did was piecing a quilt at a retreat and spending so much time chatting that I didn’t realise I sewed all 200 of the little squares I was piecing the wrong way around and had to unpick them ALL.

  76. Kristen Says:

    I love the robot, and the fabric, and everything is so amazing!
    My best moment was when I made a dress only to realize one sleeve was at least 5 inches longer than the other. Or there’s always the time I sewed a queen size quilt border on only to realize it was upside down from the other three sides and had to unpick all 100 plus inches – ugh!

  77. Linda T Says:

    My sewing disappointments? I had such a hard time with bindings, until I discovered a tutorial at Heather Bailey’s blog that made it super easy. I have to admit that I really needed to read it over, and do it a couple times, but now it is my absolute favourite part of quilting!

  78. Tara Says:

    my worst sewing experience occurred when i was altering a dress to wear to a wedding and accidentally serged off part of it while trying to get rid of some excess fabric. luckily my friend and teacher was able to piece together some of the extra fabric and patch up the giant hole i cut in the skirt!

  79. Kristen Says:

    I love the robot! cuteness!

    The worst was the first time I tried to shorten some pants sewing by hand. It seemed so simple, but they were very uneven!

  80. Deb D Says:

    I am a novice sewer who often tackles projects far to advanced for someone of my skill so I have a lot of worst moments, LOL.

    One particularly bad one was trying to sew my girls some placemats lined with wipeable vinyl and not using a teflon foot or teflon plates on my sewing machine (or even lining with non-stick materials). Ouch – that was a painful sewing experience, took me ages to make those placemats and my poor machine was not happy!

  81. brooke Says:

    my moment was probably sewing up the finishing seams of a dress, and realizing that I had sewn it with the outsides facing in :( whoops! In a hurry with bad lighting!
    So cute!

  82. Holly U Says:

    I’ve been sewing for a couple of decades now, and still am notorious for winging it, and cutting my fabric too small. Again and again and again and again….I almost never remember to be generous, but even when I do I tend to cut too small! Something to work on in the next couple of decades I guess!

  83. Jess Says:

    it would definately be sewing the wrong sides together ARG! i just hate that! i just love to robot – so cute!

  84. tammie Says:

    your huggable horrible is so lovable!! my most horrible and embarrassing moment came in high school when making my top that i was going to wear as FHA (future homemakers of America) officer. it was a knit fabric smooth on one side and really nubby on the other. a friend and i unknowingly made ours on the wrong side. i was mortified!!!

  85. Mare Says:

    I love this super adorable pouch!

    I’m new to sewing so I make tons of boo-boos. But I decided to make a scrap quilt and I started cutting all my squares 1 at a time. 266 or so blocks later, I realized that I can cut more than that at one time!

  86. J Says:

    I once was asked to costume design an run for 2 plays: Cleansed by Sarah Kane, and Krapps Last Tape by Samuel Beckett. (google/wiki for more on them)
    Not only was I only a novice sewer, both plays and casts had so drastically different needs that when it came to the most crucial parts of each (specifically sized smaller snakeskin boots for Krapps, bloody gory effects for Cleansed) I had totally forgotten that each night one or the others full wardrobe would be fully bloody or dirty and needed washing for the next nights show.

    Not just regular washing.

    Get rid of the red blood washing so the whites are white and the beiges are beige washing.

    On top of that, the worst part was in fact, that most of my stitches came out of the items I sewed to size for one of the casts. Suck.

    (so that’s my worst experience sewing)

  87. jessica dempsey Says:

    Lovely! I’d love one!

  88. Tania Says:

    My worst sewing experience was while I was trying to shir a dress. The needle went through my fingernail and out the other side of my finger, then broke off. I had to calmly take my presser foot apart to free my finger and head to urgent care.

  89. emilyflippinmaruna Says:

    Great bag, we love robots! My worst sewing moment is when I washed a pair of pants I’d made for my daughter and they shrank and the crotch seam ripped out because of the shrinkage. It was especially bad because I’d made 15 other pairs to sell at a local craft fair. I ended up washing them all in cold and air drying them. They only shrank a little bit and all the seams held, so it ended up not so bad. But there were some tense moments!!


  90. It usually happens when I have finished piecing everything, and I realize that something is upside down!

  91. DebbieKl Says:

    Very cute! My most frustrating time sewing was when I started out. I was trying to make a simple little wallet and it came out horribly! So then I started over and tried again – still looked like crap! Then I called it quits and moved on.. :)

  92. becky Says:

    I have been merrily quilting away only to stand up and realize I’ve sewn right onto my pants or skirt (embarrassingly this has happened more than once)
    Love the robot bag—super cute

  93. Carrie Says:

    So cute! My worst mistake…cutting into my all time favorite fabric and cutting my squares wrong! What a horrible feeling until I found another project!

  94. Meadow Says:

    My worst was trying to sew a matching princess dress for my 4yo’s doll. Tiny + slippery fabric + glitter = bad news. I ended up hiring it out. Fail.

  95. lesli Says:

    I worked so hard on a skirt that I thought my daughter would love and when she opened it –no love! She wore it once!

  96. Cass Says:

    I haven’t been sewing long and haven’t been game to touch any pretty fabrics yet (just using other people’s offcuts)! So my frustrating moment is being too afraid to use the nice fabric I bought!
    Love the Hug Bot in the sold section of your Etsy store! Cute!

    cass at daleking dot org

  97. Susie Says:

    Ha! Well, I made these pants for my daughter and got all the way through sewing them before I realized I CUT SOME OF THE FABRIC IN REVERSE! And proceeded to stitch them together in some (unknowingly) convoluted way. Meaning somehow I ended up with these crazy, short-skinny legged, big-enough-to-fit-my-rear seat area (for my 4 yr old) that took me forever to figure out what went wrong. Still don’t know how I managed to get that far without noticing *sigh*… My only saving grace is this was my second sewing project ever.

  98. Stephanie Says:

    Cringe hey!!?? I own a children’s wear label and I use to always forget to lift the size tag if I was sewing near the neck line… seriously annoying!! I am pretty good now!!

    xo Steph

  99. Skooks Says:

    Every project has its challenges. I am recently no longer on speaking terms with my serger. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore because it has made me so mad. Sadly, I’m almost positive it is MY fault.


  100. Jimi Says:

    My biggest disappointment is not having enough time and patience with sewing! Lately I have had this itch to make more time and learn more!!

  101. Ramya Ramanan Says:

    Cute pouch! I dont sew, but I do a lot of needle work and freqent knots in threads make me frustated and I lose patience easily! I hope I am able to overcome that!

  102. leigh7911 Says:

    What an adorable pouch!

    I seem to have severe mental issues with selecting the appropriate fabric for a pattern. A top from bottom-weight, a pair of pants from top-weight…

  103. Claudia Says:

    Wow, I’m the very first one and so deeply impressed!
    Would be so nice to be the lucky one.

    Kind regards from Germany


  104. Becky Says:

    Oh I try so hard to forget my mistakes as there have been so very many in my 40+ years of sewing. I can tell tales of zippers that split upon wearing a garment or the time i sewed up a set of pillows for a client using what i thought was the right side of the fabric only to find they thought the other side was the right side!

    Thanks for the chance to win. Please be sure to check out my giveaway at http//:sewinstiches.blogspot.com

  105. Lee Says:

    So cute! I have too many frustrating moments… comes from trying to squeeze a few crafty moments in with a 4 and 2 year old in the house. I have sewed wrong sides together, broken needles sewing denim, applied heat’n bond to the wrong side of the fabric, etc…

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  106. wigirl Says:

    What a cute little pouch!? I have quite a few frustrating sewing moments. The worst may be when I used expensive fabric and was way too confident. Everything was messed up and I pretty much had to throw all of the fabric away =(

  107. Lael Says:

    Worst knitting experience- I started a blanket before we lost our first baby, so later on I was determined to finish it. It was stripped yellow and blue acrylic that really just turned out horrible. It piled, too. It was the activity that was important.

  108. jenn Says:

    I JUST sewed an entire patchwork blanket together WRONG side out!! can’t believe i did that! had to take the whole thing apart and start again. so frustrating!! :) love the pouch!!

  109. Lisa Says:

    I cringe with the thought of putting a zipper in… I avoid them and will rework the pattern to not include the zipper… It all steams from Jr High school sewing class where I had to make an outfit that had a zipper in it… I fought with that zipper and sewed it in every way but the right way….


  110. *kate Says:

    I’m not sure I can pick a worst. I seem to do so many things absent-mindedly. This isn’t a sewing thing at all, but probably the most discouraging thing I can remember is when I ruined upwards of 30 garden fresh tomatoes in an attempt to slow roast them. All that work over the summer, gone in a day!

  111. Jen Says:

    Worst sewing experience.. hmmm.. Making a set of aprons for xmas gifts for my mom and grandma (sort of matching but with different colours of the same fabric) .. I had made one entirely perfect and the second, after flipping the fabric inside out, adding pockets, etc.. I realized that I had forgot to attach the ties and ruffle bottom before closing up all the seams.. grrr haha

  112. ktquilts4fun Says:

    Any moment sewing can’t be too horrible. I could be cleaning toilets instead!!!



  113. Ann Says:

    Hi. This is technically not a sewing experience but it is a ‘preparing the fabric to sew’ experience. I bought a whole lot of vintage silk kimono fabrics and what did I do? Put it all in the wash. Needless to say, it was all ruined. A very expensive sewing experience.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  114. JaiCi Says:

    What a CUTE robot :)
    my worst sewing mistake is when I made a SUPER cute baby quilt….in bad lighting, and didn’t realize until i was DONE that I had sewed one of the fabrics backwards…throughout the entire quilt!!! I was so frustrated that I just threw it away!

  115. Julia Says:

    How cute is this little robot? I just try to win this :).
    Kind regards from Germany!

  116. Grace Wong Says:

    my worst mistake was when I completely forgot to include the allowance seam for my camera pouch, so when I finished it could only fit in the size of 2 of my fingers! oops!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  117. Miss Prickly Says:

    Oh, there have been so many cringe-worthy moments, especially since I got a serger. One of the worst was when I was in the final stages of sewing a dress and didn’t realized that the skirt fabric got caught up in the serger. It chopped off several inches on the side seam before I realized my error. The full skirt became a pencil skirt after that.

  118. gill Says:

    Worst sewing experience??
    The eve of my brother’s wedding and the final press to the last bridesmaid’s dress and eeeeeek I scorched it !!! panic panic and a lot of improvisation later and no one was any the wiser!!


  119. Serena Says:

    Once I was making a bridesmaid dress for someone I didn’t know and the bride had picked out the worst possible fabric to use. It was polyester lining fabric and polyester chiffon, in a complicated design that was strapless and had draping over the front but which required much more support than the fabric could give for the large-busted gal it was meant for. There was a disaster that meant I had to painstakingly rip out the back zipper and do lacing instead. It was a hand-sewing nightmare (I figured out while sewing that that my contact prescription was WAY wrong) and I literally sobbed for the last three hours of sewing that piece of junk. It was the most horrific experience. Oh, and not only did I do it for free, I had to buy some materials to make the design work!

  120. aSprinkling Says:

    Hmm…I think the one that I would pick is the dress I made for one of my girls that was too skinny. I altered it thinking it would be a great size, but it was still a bit snug. She got to wear it a couple times, but I would have liked to get more use out of it. Oh well…

  121. Jen Says:

    That is so cute! I haven’t done a lot of sewing but I’m always worried if it’s going to fit right!

  122. Candace Henderson Says:

    Oh I love this! SO CUTE! Thanks for a great giveaway! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  123. Keriann Simpkins Says:

    Ok first of I have to say I LOVE that zipper pouch! I love that it’s not girly! PErfect for me!

    As for the question well my worst experience as got to be an adventure I had with a few different patterns I tried to mesh into what was supposed to be one awesomely comfortably trendy modest maternity dress! Let’s just say it was not awesome nor comfortable let alone trendy and with the sizing off it wasn’t much in the way of modest either. I was simply YUCKY and has laid to rest in the bottom of a nasty pile of someone elses kitchen trash in some dump off the coast of California. I’m sure it will fit in just nicely there!

  124. bonnie Says:

    please enter my name in your lovely drawing, ladycolmn(at)aol(dot)com from Florida Gulf Coast area.

  125. sy Says:

    the little robot is so cute :D would love to win it. my sewing machine tension has been unstable, it would be fine one day, and then the next day it would be way too loose without any change, i’m using a brother9000i, still trying to figure out what’s going on >.<

  126. Stacey Says:

    Love that little guy. I know my daughter would go crazy for this bag to carry her treasures in.
    My sewing nightmare: I sew my own cloth diapers and when I started I often sewed late at night. I made three diapers in a row that I completely finished and topstitched before realising I had forgotten to put elastic in. After the third I went to bed. LOL

  127. bethany Says:

    expensive fabric and a messed up bobbin! I have to cut the fabric to get it off the machine to tear apart my machine to fix it…..luckily I wasn’t to far into it and the garmet was able to be saved!?!?!?

  128. sew funky Says:

    cringe making comment: sewing zips into things, they always end up puckered and awful – I can do most things just not zippers!

    Please enter me in the draw and don’t forget to enter mine:

  129. Helena Says:

    So cute love the robot. Sewing hmm I always hate messing with the seam ripper, I once ripped a quilt block so many times I had to recut and start over,yikes

  130. xyz Says:

    the robot is so cute. sewing the zip is my nightmare :(

  131. Kirsten Says:

    My sewing nightmare was last night. A Dresdan plate that didn’t line up.

  132. Amy Says:

    I sew with floss, so sometimes it all gets tangled, and I get all frustrated. It happened with this bird I was making, but I thought I fixed it OK…until the tail fell off. Yeah…not cool.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

  133. KT Says:

    My daughter has recently learned to sew. On Sunday morning she was busy sewing her nine-patch, and then realized that she had sewn the edge of her dress right along with the patches. Had to undo the whole thing–not fun for a 7 yo who was working so hard on her sewing.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  134. Christine Says:

    Sewing a large section of a pattern together and then realizing at the end that you sewed it on wrong and have to rip the entire thing out! Then doing it again…….wrong……doh…..
    coveredbydesign at hotmail.com

  135. Cohen Says:

    This is the cutest little pouch! That little robot has won my heart!
    The seam ripper is my best friend so I have had many sewing uh-ohs, but the worst was when I sewed an adorable coat for my daughter – it took WEEKS and was destroyed in the first wash because I hadn’t prewashed the fabric. DUH!

  136. Kelly O. Says:

    I think sewing the lining of a bag to the outside so the outside was on the inside (don’t ask how I did it) was the biggest bonehead thing I’ve done!
    great giveaway! crossing my fingers!

  137. Rachel Says:

    oh,he is too cute! my little boy would love this to store his little treasures in :)

  138. Melissa Says:

    I made my daughters’ Easter dresses this year, and ran out of cream colored thread late Saturday night/early Sunday morning with literally 2 inches left to sew. So I just finished it with white thread, even though that kind of thing bugs the crap out of me. I was so glad to be done with those dang dresses!!

    maxandellie at gmail dot com

  139. Oh so cute! I want to wiiinnnnn!
    Thanks for the chance.

  140. Stella Says:

    The first thing I ever made…in 7th grade. They were shorts but they ended up being rags to wash the car…you couldn’t even wear them to wash the car…you had to wash the car with them!

  141. Sacha Farrell Says:

    I love the robot. Not having enough time to create is my biggest frustration.

  142. Stephanie Says:

    very cute.

    My most frustrating sewing was sewing an entire quilt on a sewing machine that didn’t have a spool holder.


  143. Jo Says:

    That is one seriously cute pouch. The most frustrating thing I have done is cutting in a rush. I cut part of a pattern out one day with the fabric right sides together then the next day cut the rest with the fabric wrong sides together, nothing matched and it was very very frustrating. I hope to never do that again :)

  144. Fel Says:

    I tried sewing a hidden pocket in a tote I was making and after spending considerable time on it, I finally finished it. What i didn’t realise was that the pocket was upsidedown! :(

  145. Ashley Says:

    I don’t sew enough to have a worst sewing experience!


  146. Daniela Says:

    :o) It´s so cute for my 10 years old son, he would love it.
    Greets from Germany

    baluchangu (at) aol.com

  147. Tammi Says:

    I love this little robot!

    I have been sewing for 35 years. I still haven’t figured out how to avoid having the thread gob up on the bobbin every once in a while. Grrrrrr….

  148. andrea Says:

    So adorable! I just love it! We used to live in Cleveland, in Rocky River…..I miss it :(

    My most frustrating sewing moments are when I realize I am not sewing wrong sides together…..that is not good!

  149. cami stewart Says:

    I love that robot! My little boy would get a kick out of it!! I had such a hard time cross stitching holiday patterns on tiny little stockings I made for my nephews! I spent soo much time and they turned out a little …. well .. wobbly.. :(

  150. AJ Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

    The worst….breaking the 5th needle in a row…when you just want to finish and go to bed!

  151. Oh dear, so many to choose from! I recently attempted sewing knit fabric, a sweet little pair of tights for my baby daughter… I didn’t read the tutorial very carefully (very gung ho and “I can do that” of me), and thus used the wrong needle, resulting in, you guessed it, one little pair of tights FULL of holes… The saddest part is, they looked so darned cute when I first tried them on!


  152. crunchy Says:

    My most cringe worthy moment has to do with one of my favorite things to sew – curtains. I really enjoy the long pieces of fabric and the straight seams, but not too long ago I decided it would be less expensive to purchase ready-made curtains from IKEA than to buy the yardage, so that was what I did. IKEA curtains are very long and not pre-hemmed, although they do come with hem tape which I do not use.

    I get really frustrated with bathrooms as it seems you casn’t really buy matching window and shower curtains anymore and IKEA’s long curtains work for a shower curtain rod so it seemed to be a good solution…until I tried to work with them. The fabric was so slippery it was an aggravation just to do this simple hemming. When I finally finished, wiped the sweat of frustration from my brow and hung them, I noticed that I’d hemmed one of the shower curtains backwards. But I guess I can’t have been too ashamed since it hangs there to this day, several years later. No one notices until I point it out because of the way they’re tied back and I have no desire to wrestle with that fabric again.

  153. djaj Says:

    I think my worst experience was, is and will always be buttonholes !

  154. Ok, I just heard myself gasp when I saw the pure cuteness of this bag.

  155. Jingle Says:

    I was attempting to use the sewing machine and I managed to ball up thread and make a HUGE mess of things, all while pummeling my project with holes leading to a disaster! LOL! I still don’t use a machine! I sew by hand! HA! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  156. duff Says:

    Crazy-cute giveaway! Thank you for putting together this creatively awesome prize–who doesn’t lovve robots? A sewing story that makes me cringe is one time I broke a (machine)needle and it shot up and hit my eyeglasses. thank goodness I was wearing those glasses!
    Pick me Mr. Random number generator!! Ooohhh, Pick me!!

  157. jennifer Says:

    i have screwed up so many projects! I guess the worst was when I thought I could amke a couch cover, it didn’t fit at all. It wasn’t straight, I cut it out on carpet! Such a bad idea.

  158. Emily Ferons Says:

    That little robot is so cute! I haven’t gotten very into sewing yet but I’m trying. Probably my worst sewing experience was a sewing class I took from my neighbor when I was like 13. I was always so stressed cause I never practiced and now I’m kicking myself.

  159. Michelle Says:

    The first pair of pajamas I ever made was the worst experience.

  160. Sherri S. Says:

    Such a lovely prize offering…thanks so much for the chance to win! My sewing disasters often involve zippers. Le sigh. But I once was so engrossed in something on TV while I was hand-sewing a felt stuffed toy that I sewed part of it to the blanket that I had over my lap! Duh.

  161. Danielle Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! My worst sewing moment was when I was learning to applique. I didn’t know there was a no sew and a sewable fusing and was using the no sew kind but trying to sew it. It ruined a needle and kept breaking my thread. It turned an easy project into a very very frustrating one. I also didn’t know about using ball point needles on knit fabrics so the little onsie I was working out turned out not so great looking.

  162. that robot is sooo cute!! my worst sewing experience has got to be the first time i broke my needle while sewing a bag with interfacing!! i didn’t have a backup needle so i had to stop sewing and go buy a needle before i could pick back up again. it’s the worst feeling to have to stop in the middle of a project when you have all this momentum!!!

  163. Erica K Says:

    I love the title of your blog and the name of your store!

    I’ve had many a hard time sewing. Sometimes to the point of wanting to sell my machine and quit! The fact is, though I learned to sew quite a while ago, I don’t do it that often, and I think I just want to be good at it right away… I’ve also had quite a run-in with incorrect patterns. That’s a toughie!

    My worst experience was with a panel to make an apron. The directions were all messed up, but through frustration and tears I fudged it and it looked really cute. So I’m ironing it, and I forget my rick-rack is polyester…yup, I melted a spot. That was so disappointing! *sigh*

  164. sam Says:

    my worst sewing moment? the enevitable tantrum when nothing is going right, the one where I fume and curse, and throw, yes throw the machine, then appologize to everyone in the room, pick up the machine, and continue sewing like nothing ever happened. So it’s more like sewing monents

  165. Mama Lusco Says:

    I had to give up on sewing a top for my daughter – collar, button plackets, oy! Thanks for the great giveaway. luscofamily(at)ortelco.net

  166. Lisa Says:

    My worst moment lately was while making a shrug for DD. I had this great wool melton for the outside and a vintage fabric for the lining. Somehow I managed to lay the pattern out incorrectly and ended up with two of the same side! Fortunately I had enough of the vintage to cut a lining of the other side, but I had to order more of the wool in order to finish. ugh. On a happier sewing note, I love this little bag! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  167. Lynne Says:

    Cute pouch! My worst mistake was making my first lined dresss for my baby girl. I knew I had to sew, then turn inside out. Well, I sewed the 2 arm holes. Don’t do that. You can’t turn them inside out afterwards :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  168. Kat Says:

    My worst moment while sewing has to be when I was finishing off a baby piece for a good friend of mine (a sleeping cozy) and realised I had sown the front material on backwards! (luckily it didn’t show once I had turned it round that it had been stitched before) my first attempt at a rush job…and the last!

  169. Stacy Says:

    A dissapointing sewing moment… let’s see last year I bought some fabric to make my tree skirt (for x-mas) I almost did not get enough and had to cut the last piece a certain way to make it fit! Sorry that’s the worst I can remember:) Thanks for giving!

  170. lesley Says:

    for me it’s not one particular moment but an overriding theme of all of my sewing projects. i call it the “slip sliding away” phenomenon: “the nearer your destination the more you’re slip sliding away” -paul simon lyrics. it is so consistant for me that i find myself humming the tune as i near completion of a project…and the bobbin runs out, or i realize i sewed my shirt into the seam, or the thread broke 3 minutes back and i’m just now realizing it…you get the picture.

  171. Katy Says:

    My worst sewing experience happened just last week while trying to put together and sew an Amy Butler purse from her pattern. At some point I just threw my hands in the air and put the purse on a back shelf and don’t care if I ever see it again. Did I forget to say it was suppose to be a gift for my daughter for Mothers day? I owe her now.

  172. lotsie Says:

    I once sew everything inside out… So much work! and the good side of the fabriw was on the inside!
    btw, I love the little robot!

  173. Kathleen G. Says:

    Oh my, my worst sewing moment… I was making a crib set for a friend. I purchased a plain bumper and made a slip cover for it (15-20 feet long). I didn’t sew the slip cover straight enough and had to rip the seams! Hated every moment of it… wanted to cry!

  174. Sonja Greene Says:

    I love this Huggable Horrible. So cute. Anytime I have to get out the stitch ripper is a terrible sewing day. If I have to use the stitch ripper more than twice in a day, I pack everything up and start over – the next day. ;0(

  175. Sara Says:

    When sewing my first bag, I managed to sew the handles into the bag between the lining and the outside – so I had to rip it apart and do it again, a major feat when you’re new.

  176. Erin Says:

    Oh so many frustrating sewing stories. I sewed my finger, that hurt. I dropped the open rotary cutter on my foot, that hurt. When I first began quilting I had to unpick the quilting from an entire quilt because I didn’t know much about tension and I wasn’t checking my back threads and I had an awful mess in the back. The front looked good though!lol!

  177. Danae Says:

    So cute! My challenge is with measuring! I was cutting out a pattern for a bag and measured ever so carefully for the lining and then proceeded to line it up incorrectly on the mat and cut it and inch too short – oh my!

  178. Kylie Says:

    Most of the sewing I do is part of upholstery projects and I have sewn the piping onto the wrong side of my fabric way too many times, these days I’m so paranoid about it I double check at least five times. I love this bag! Thank you for participating in the Sew Mama Sew giveaway.

  179. Heather Vallad Says:

    Worst sewing experience was with my old cheapie machine. I just bought a used Bernina and it has made sewing fun again!!! Love this bag- the polka dots are too cute. Thanks for a chance to win!

  180. Megan Presley Says:

    I’m only a new sewer, but my worst time sewing was last week when I was trying to make a tree block for a quilting bee I’m a part of. I’d already made two blocks, but this third one just wasn’t working. I had to take it completely apart and start over!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    sales4mp at gmail dot com

  181. Julia Says:

    My biggest frustration is that everytime I sew I make a mistake. Guaranteed. Maybe small sometimes big (lik last one) but always something.

  182. megd Says:

    I sewed pants inside out– so either the legs were inside out Or the crotch was. oh well:)
    Thanks for the chance!

  183. turtle Says:

    that is so cute!! My worst experience sewing, well….. my last two machines have bottom thread tension issues. There is no rhyme or reason to it, it works great then acts up, then works great again, very frustrating!

  184. Ammie Says:

    I can NEVER install a nice zipper. Therefore I have all sorts of skirts that are unfinished, or that gape or bunch in funny ways around the side zip. :P After years of practice and lots of unstitching and resewing, I still am a zipper flunkie! But here’s to better luck this summer, after my self-imposed zipper bootcamp!

  185. Stacey Says:

    Thanks for this giveaway! My worst sewing moment was when I was trying to make a “taggie” blanket for my son without a pattern or tutorial. I sewed the tags/ribbon on the wrong side so when I turned it right-side-out, the tags were on the inside. Frustrated, I re-cut material (choosing cuter material this time) and started again. I was focused on how silly I had been the first time and wasn’t paying attention…and did the exact. same. thing. again. This time I just put stuffing in the middle and made it into a pillow!!

    gallyslp at msn dot com

  186. Melissa Says:

    Great work! I have never attempted a sewing project, but hope to someday, and know that it will probably be equally frustrating and rewarding!

  187. adrianeNH Says:

    I’m ALWAYS sewing arms on wrong or cutting out two of the same pieces for pants… drives me up the wall!
    Thanks for the chance!

  188. Verity Says:

    I was making my first pocket nappy for a swap, everything was going well until my overlocker decided to chew it up, and I was using the cutting blade so it really munted it!! And it was due in 2 days gah!!

  189. Trinity Says:

    What a cute little bag! Your horrible is pretty adorable (and I feel so cheesy for saying that out loud!) :P

  190. Trinity Says:

    Shoot, I forgot–worst sewing moment was probably when I made a pair of baby pants completely backwards–hemmed the top like legs and bottom like waist. I got all the way through it before I noticed. I’ve started doing the same thing a few times since, but noticed much more quickly. The easiest projects are always the most easily messed up for me. :P

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