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kimono. April 28, 2010

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I love to sew but my clothing construction skills are a little shaky.  I can reconstruct something but I have a hard time making things from scratch, even with a pattern.  I’d like to get better but decided I’d better start small.  Very small :)

I found a pattern for a beautiful kimono-style top at Habitual that I had to try. It’s a very simple pattern and I knew it would be hard to screw up! When I saw it I instantly thought of my friend Sarah’s daughter, Scarlet. Scarlet is an adorable toddler, though quite serious at times. If I can make her smile or laugh I feel like I’ve accomplished something! Anyway, I headed up to my local fabric store to see what they had. As soon as I saw this butterfly print I knew it was the right one. What little girl doesn’t love butterflies and the color pink? The entire thing took about an hour from start to finish. I think it turned out quite well!

And she looks just lovely wearing it!

She moved around a lot so it was sometimes hard to get a picture!

I’d like to make one for myself–I just need to figure out measurements for an adult size.

I love it when sewing projects turn out as they should!!


2 Responses to “kimono.”

  1. Super cute top! Scarlet looks adorable. Can you figure out who I am? ;-)

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