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easter. April 27, 2010

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I know Easter has come and gone but I am bad at keeping current on updates so here we are.

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was color eggs at Easter time. The smell of vinegar always reminds me of those Alka-Seltzer-like fizzy color tabs. When I was little it always seemed to take forever for the eggs to boil and cool and I got impatient waiting for my moment to dye them. Thinking of coloring eggs brings back memories of those Paas kits with the stickers of ducks and bunnies and the wax crayons with which you could write your name on “your” egg. Nowadays, kits are pretty fancy–tye-dye, glitter and shine coat kits are popular.

We had a shine coat kit this year but we didn’t really use it (too difficult, sticky and time-consuming). Instead, we relied on the basic colors provided in our kit and used a little electrical tape to make things interesting.


We wrapped the tape around the eggs to create stripes of color.

The effect was pretty interesting.

Even Andy stopped taking pictures for a bit to color some eggs.

Sticky coat effect.

And although I tend to only discuss religious and political matters with those close to me, I will say this. Growing up, I attended church on Sundays with my father and later, alone. At some point I reflected on how absurd it all seemed to me. I entertained ideas from other religions but ultimately decided none were for me. I don’t have a problem with others’ beliefs–in a way I find it admirable, especially when the individual is able to explain to me exactly why it is they believe what they do. I’ve just found that it’s not my thing. I try to be respectful of others and their values, but I am bothered when it is not reciprocated. This year someone told me that holidays like Christmas and Easter are only for those who believe in Christ and that I have no right celebrating. Maybe I don’t belong to the Christian faith, but holidays still hold meaning for me. To me they are about family, appreciation, love, food and celebration. After all—

cartoon courtesy of Natalie Dee :)


3 Responses to “easter.”

  1. channa Says:

    Why does Easter have the best candy?

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